Artist Statement
Recurring lucid dreams and night terrors leave me disoriented in my personal life. To combat this feeling and hesitation about reality, I analyze the tangible world to ground me in physical existence. I have adopted First Principles Thinking* which boils objects and problems down to their fundamental truths and then reasoning up from there. For me, confusion is an invitation to put logic back together.
I obsess over objects, particularly those that others might tend to overlook. Inspired by domestic interiors and the natural world, I isolate and scale up common things to invite human bodies into new, surreal experiences. Through clay, I simulate patterns and structures to reveal fundamental truths of structure. The clay’s material properties dictate how I manipulate it. From the restraints of wet clay against gravity, I react and respond. I combat what I cannot control in ways that I can, such as using weight and suspension to create anticipation and uneasiness.
My work allows me to investigate object-hood through shape, texture, size, scale, proximity, form, and color. I separate new truths from the cognitive shortcuts of stereotype, assumptions, and bias that accelerate conclusions. I slow down thoughts by exaggerating objects and the space they reside in as a way to put logic back together.

*First Principles Thinking is a scientific way of looking at an object or problem through reverse engineering. Once used by Aristotle, he would break down complicated problems into basic elements and reassemble them from the ground up.

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